9th Oct 2006
I am now waiting for my friend (the “Bride") since I will driver her to the airport for the midnight flight.
This is my 8th day at Vancouver. Well, I never miss Hong Kong when I go to “travel" in anywhere, including Alsaka. But now at Vancouver, I start to miss Hong Kong. As reminded by the bride, we are NOT “travel" in Vancouver and that is the point I miss HongKong. Vancouver is fine for max. of 4 days visit and 8 days are too long (esp. for me). Only 1 day is required to “flash back" the memories of location and direction and then…. no more excitment.
Vancouver is beautiful, no matter in environment and weather. To me, Vancouver is still more special than other cities (except HongKong) as I have “memories" here.
Will back to HK tomorrow la.



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