A video for Canada Day, from Molson Canadian!

Global Beer Fridge (Extended) | Molson Canadian

The video reminds me an important date, July 6! Yes, I immigrated to Vancouver on July 6, 1990, it has been 25 years, quarter of a century!

I won’t forget those days in Canada, a remarkable part of my life! Vancouver, as part of “Beautiful British Columbia", has the world most favorable climate, sunshine and peoples. I missed those summer holidays, drove under the sunshine, along with a cold latte from Starbucks; I missed those alcohol at downtown and Simon Fraser Hills, held the beers and talked about dreams with my good friends; I missed Aberdeen Centre, with movie, snooker, bowling and 犀牛屋!

I wont forget those days in Canada. I learn to drive, adopt a new place, make new friends, recognize most of the roads without Google map. All experiences made me became independent. These experiences is far more important than a Canadian Passport.

Those were the days! Those days made my faith to Canada, my second hometown. Oh! Canada!

PS. Reason of writing this post is… English is one of the official language in Canada.



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