How to calculate Pre Money and Post Money Valuation for your Startup?

How to calculate Pre Money and Post Money Valuation for your Startup?

Be frank, I seldom share my boss’s post and I really to share his video here as.. it is really USEFUL!!! It talks about Money Valuation before facing potential investors!

I found another side of business world, entrepreneur since 2012, the time I joined NDN! Then, I started and learned from zero, startup, funding, investors, read investments decks, corporate finance (scare most).. etc!

Trust me, working in big corp never able to learn entrepreneurship! Working with a senior person in big corp is totally different in working with an entrepreneur, who is the TRUE BOSS of the company! I had spent around 2 years to trasform my mindset from big corp to entrepreneurships. Those mindsets earned in big corp actually was HURDLE for my transformation. Media sales mindsets is fine but those little 4As mindset earned right before joining NDN was big big HURDLE!

So, why I work so hard in transformation? Simply, nowadays, key of survival includes flexibility, brave and action! That’s why, stars in the past years are uber, airbnb etc.. which are startup and entrepreneur. News about big corp is usually layoff, restructure etc! Yes, I won’t deny I scare about “restructure" which i encountered a lot in my 15 years wih big corp!


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